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Cisco announced the company 's first fully integrated threat-based firewall (ITU), a new generation of Cisco Firepower. Along with the announcement of the ITU company has introduced a new Cisco Security Segmentation Service consulting service in action. It helps organizations to improve compatibility, locate the source of the attacks, detect threats, monitor the safety of the content, prevent leakage for the entire IT infrastructure data etc..

Both Cisco innovations are aimed at protecting against dangerous and persistent threat of cyber attacks. Traditional ITU's new generation are still focused on application support and management, which reduces the ability to protect today's business environment from the entire spectrum of threats. Solutions from Cisco go beyond the analysis of traffic at the application level. They detect and prevent known and unknown threats , as well as allow customers to easily manage your asset security and to quickly update them on the endpoints, network or cloud.

Cisco Firepower - the industry's first new generation ITU combining analytics threats, enforce security policies and information on how users connect to applications. This level of transparency throughout the business environment enhances the protection and reduces the threat detection and response.

ITU Cisco new generation allows to automate and adjust the protective measures and almost immediately to strengthen the protection system due to its ability to take into account the vulnerability of the current assets and the threats on the network. Concerted action by the security measures provide protection, which is not able to provide point solutions.

Additionally, Cisco is investing resources in the development of information security software techniques, training and implementation of products and services. Partner companies can use it for their own development, and increase profitability.

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