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Cisco A9K-MPA-2X100GE 7385.00 

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Adtran 4242908L1
We buy new, used, excess Adtran 4242908L1
Adtran 4243908F1
We buy new, used, excess Adtran 4243908F1
Cisco A9K-MOD80-TR
No image set
Cisco C819HG-V-K9
Cisco C819HG-V-K9 routers
Cisco C819HG-U-K9
Cisco C819HG-U-K9 routers
Cisco ap801-k9w7-tar
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Cisco MEM1700-64U96D
No image set
Cisco CISCO815-VPN-K9
Cisco CISCO815-VPN-K9
Cisco C887VA-WD-E-K9
Cisco C881GW+7-E-K9 router3
Cisco C887VA-WD-A-K9
Cisco C881GW+7-A-K9 router4

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Introduction to, Inc Inc started as a one man shop and has grown considerably over the last 14 years.  The company is now a multi million dollar corporation.  We have been fortunate enough to do business with thousands of companies all over the world.  Our main focus has always been pleasing the customer, and keeping them happy.  

We carry many brands of used networking equipment.  We realize that many of our customers are looking to reduce the cost of their network infrastructure.  IT costs have been rising year after year as most businesses are striving to keep up with technology demands and are constantly upgrading their network equipment.  We have taken pride in the fact that we have saved so many companies precious resources throughout the last 14 years.  As this econopmy continues to struggle, we believe more and more companies are going to have to take a look at used, and refurbished networking products to reduce the costs of doing business.  Used and refurbished networking hardware can save companies as much as 95% of the equipments original retail cost.  We are excited to pass this savings on to you, our most valuable customers.  

We stock a large selection of Cisco products, including new and used and refubished Cisco routers, Cisco switches, modems, access servers,  VOIP, and wireless products.  Also of hard-to-find modules, memory and cable products. Each unit is fully tested and carries a free one year warranty. 


  • We buy and sell many brands of Datacom Gear. We always try and offer fair market prices for the equipment we purchase.
  • Let us turn your networking hardware or surplus networking products into cash!!
  • We buy Adtran, Cisco, UDS, Codex, Foundry, Juniper and many other brands of WAN Gear.
  • We are one of the nation's largest resellers of new and refurbished networking equipment  "Let us buy yours or we'll sell you ours"
  • Having a hard time getting a hold of other vendors?  Not a problem with us!  We guarantee we will answer our phones in person during office hours. Office hours from 9:00-5:00 Central Standard Time. We are always here to answer the phone so feel free to call us today at 417-887-7724.
  • We specialize in upgrading your existing network, and all of our products come with a 1 year warranty. Call us today!  We buy!  We sell!  We trade!
  • We will purchase your excess or surplus equipment.  No deal is too small.
  • Call, fax, or email us your Wan hardware needs. Or your list of surplus routers.
  • In most cases, we can have your order at your office door the next morning.
  • Take a look through our online store. We carry a large inventory and many products can be purchased online.  For a more personal purchase, you can call toll free at 1-800-974-2352 to place an order!

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Adtran 4242908L1
We buy new, used, excess Adtran 4242908L1
Cisco 2811
UDS 9645
Cisco 877-K9
We buy and sell new used and refurbished Cisco 877 Routers
Cisco 2821-HSEC/K9
Cisco A9K-MOD80-TR
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Cisco A903-RSP1B-55
We also buy new, used, refurbished or excess Cisco A903-RSP1B-55
Adtran 4242924L1
We buy new, used, excess Adtran 4242924L1

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