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Cisco A9K-MPA-2X100GE 7385.00 

Used 1 Year Warranty

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Adtran 4242908L1
We buy new, used, excess Adtran 4242908L1
Adtran 4243908F1
We buy new, used, excess Adtran 4243908F1
Cisco A9K-MOD80-TR
No image set
Cisco C819HG-V-K9
Cisco C819HG-V-K9 routers
Cisco C819HG-U-K9
Cisco C819HG-U-K9 routers
Cisco ap801-k9w7-tar
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Cisco MEM1700-64U96D
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Cisco CISCO815-VPN-K9
Cisco CISCO815-VPN-K9
Cisco C887VA-WD-E-K9
Cisco C881GW+7-E-K9 router3
Cisco C887VA-WD-A-K9
Cisco C881GW+7-A-K9 router4

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Assign the component VirtueMart to a menu item Inc your reliable source for used networking products.


altWe buy and sell new, used and refurbished network hardware.  We focus on used cisco routers, used cisco switches, and other used Cisco products. However we stock many brands of new and used networking equipment. Including Adtran, Alcatel, Cisco, HP Procurve, Nortel and many other brands of networking hardware. We also stock network hardware and equipment of older legacy brands such as UDS, Kentrox, Ascend, 3Com and others. When buying or selling your networking products think about, our main goal is to keep our customer's happy and coming back!

You can trust us to take care of your company's needs!

We have been in the business for over 14 years, we always strive to treat our customers with the respect they deserve.  Every customer is important to us, whether you are buying one module or upgrading your entire IT department.  All of our equipment is fully tested and comes with a 1 year warranty.  We stand behind that warranty and will overnight an advanced replacement if there is ever a problem.

Why wait so long for a networking part? 

Fast Shipping Overnight

We have many shipping options available for our customers. We can overnight any used Cisco gear, or other brands of networking gear we have in stock if the order is placed before 4:00 standard. We take pride in the fact that we can have your network hardware needs taken care of quickly.  For parts we may not have in stock we have scoured the globe over the years and have collected a large database of network equipment dealers we work with to source hard to find parts.

Do you prefer to pay full price for a product you know you can buy for less?

I know it sounds like a silly question but many companies today are paying tens of thousands of dollars or more for the same used Cisco equipment we are selling to our customers.  We know what the fair market prices are for the used network hardware we are buying and selling.  We are willing to compete on pricing and service with any other company in the world. Give us a chance today to prove why so many companies are buying from Inc today.  The savings our customers are realizing enables them to speed up those distant projects and make them happen right away.  Buying used and refurbished networking equipment at up to 95% off the list price just makes sense in these tough economic conditions.  Many customers are buying spare used Cisco routers or used cisco switches rather than an expensive 1 year maintenance contract.  Why wait begin your savings today, call us at 800-974-2352

We buy surplus used Cisco router or used Cisco switch products, and other network hardware.  How much will we pay you for yours?

Our goal is to pay you a fair price for your excess and surplus networking hardware.  We will give you a fast quote for the value of your network gear.  If you are happy with the price and decide to sell your network products to us, we will arrange shipment for you if needed.  Once it arrives to us we will verify your used networking equipment is complete and working and cut you a check right away.

What you should remember about Inc?

Honesty  |  Integrity  |  Respect  |  Experience  |  Value  |  Savings  | Speed  |  Responsive  | English Speaking

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Cisco HWIC-1DSU-T1
We also buy used, new open box and new excess, and pre-owned Cisco HWIC-1DSU-T1
Cisco 2821-HSEC/K9
Adtran 4242908L1
We buy new, used, excess Adtran 4242908L1
Cisco 877-K9
We buy and sell new used and refurbished Cisco 877 Routers
Cisco A9K-MOD80-TR
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UDS 9645
Cisco 2811-SEC/K9
Adtran 4242924L1
We buy new, used, excess Adtran 4242924L1

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